Why multiple latches are important: Your little ones are watching and learning


Every parent understands that parenthood is a juggling act. Between mealtime, playtime and everything else in between, safety proofing can sometimes take a back seat for longer than it should. That is why we want to share some more information on safety latches as a fast and efficient way to start childproofing your home. 


When picking the right locks and latches for your home, keep in mind that children learn and imitate behaviours by watching and listening to those around them. As they watch and learn, they may be able to open the latches quicker than you’d expect, so that's why it's suggested that parents use a variety of locks and latches around the home. The simpler the latch is to use, the easier it is for your little genius to figure it out. 


Let's take a look at a few of our top latches to help prevent little ones from getting into unwanted doors, cupboards, or appliances. 


Adhesive Mag Locks®

The ultimate safety product. Our Adhesive Mag Locks adhere to the inside of opening furniture, like cabinets and drawers. The secret to the design is a powerful self-locking mechanism that is simple and easy to open by placing the magnetic key over the lock.



  • Sturdy, invisible, and user-friendly
  • Place lock inside cabinets and drawers
  • Our locks are completely hidden from sight
  • Self-locking with magnetic key


Ezy-Check® Dreambaby® Multi-Use Latch

Our versatile latch can be used in any room of the house. A Dreambaby feature, Ezy-Check® indicates if the latch is locked or unlocked by simply checking if the lock symbol is green (locked) or red (unlocked).



  • Multi-touch release lock 
  • No tools to install, resulting in easy installation
  • It can be applied to most surfaces
  • Add to cupboards, cabinets, refrigerators
  • Flexible, extra-long length 



  • Not suitable for heat-generating appliances


Twist' N Lock Multi-Purpose Latch

Our Twist N Lock™ mechanism makes it tricky for young children to open. With the EZY-Check® indicator, you can quickly check that it is properly secured into place.



  • Suitable for gloss & laminated furniture, refrigerators & freezers, toilets, glass & mirror cabinets, varnished wood, timber veneer, metal cabinets
  • 3M Adhesive backing makes it great for renters
  • The strap can be trimmed to size
  • Flexible strap to be used straight across, around corners


Dreambaby® Adhesive Safety Latch

Our Adhesive Safety Latch is strong, easy to install, and has durable locks. They provide quick access for adults, and create a barrier to help wandering toddlers stay out of cabinets and drawers.



  • Suitable for use on the top or side of most cabinets
  • Sleek, subtle design means they are hidden from view
  • No tools or screws needed


Dreambaby® Secure Catches

They provide quick access for adults while making it difficult for children to access drawers in the kitchen and bathroom. Suitable for top drawers and may be used on lower drawers where there is a top drawer divider to which they may be fitted. 



  • Strong, easy to install, durable locks
  • Sleek, subtle design means they are hidden from view


  • Require screws to install 


Children are watching and learning each day so this is why Dreambaby® developed multiple latches to help you conquer childproofing in your home. Check out our full range of latches on www.dream-baby.com