When a Furry Friend Joins the Family

Welcoming a new pet into your family can be an exciting and joyful experience for everyone.

With young children, it can also be a bit daunting, as you want to make sure that everyone, including your new furry friend, is comfortable and safer.  

Here are some tips for introducing your new family member to your home:

Set rules

Make sure that your children understand how to properly interact with your new pet. Teach them to be gentle and respectful, and set boundaries like not bothering the pet while it’s eating or sleeping. Show kids how to pet your dog or cat gently and avoid pulling their tails, ears or fur.


Keep pet supplies out of reach

Make sure to store pet supplies like food, treats and toys out of reach of your kids. Young children might accidentally ingest these items which could be harmful. Consider investing in child proof storage containers for pet food. Store pet supplies in high cabinets or use our cabinet or drawer locks to prevent curious little ones from getting into these items.

Our Adhesive Mag Locks® are sturdy, invisible, user-friendly and suitable for cabinets and drawers. Completely out of sight, these locks help ensure safety without tempting curiosity.


Supervise interactions

When your kids are interacting with your new pet, always make sure to supervise their interactions. Never leave children alone around pets or without adult supervision. This helps to ensure that both kids and pets are safer and happy. 


Set boundaries

Establish clear boundaries for both your pets and your children. You may want to restrict your pet from certain areas of your home or establish specific play areas for your kids and pets. Our sturdy, versatile line of gates and playpens work in all areas of your home, so you can keep kids and pets in the rooms you want them in and out of those you don’t.


Healthy Precautions

Newborn babies are often a great source of fascination for household pets. Always ensure your pet is on flea and tick preventatives to help reduce the risk of transmission to your little ones. In addition to supervision, it is important to try and limit your pet’s ability to lick your child, no matter how interesting your baby’s scent might be!


Photo Credit: two.brisbane.mamas [IG]