Your First Outing With a Newborn

Baby? Check! So now what? The first outing just you and your baby is undoubtedly a milestone that you’ll remember. With a bit of preparation and a few words of advice from other parents that have ‘‘been there, done that,” you'll find yourself sailing along with ease on your next outing with baby.


Pack the essentials. One of the best tricks parents of newborns can have is a baby essentials bag that always stays in the car, including diapers, wipes and a change of clothes, etc.. Having all the essentials ready to go will take away another significant stressor of feeling unprepared or not having the time to gather these items every time you leave the house. Even if you don't need it, you will feel confident and prepared to conquer your day.


The Basics

●      Pack all your essentials in our Strollerbuddy® On-The-Go to organize your items

●      Help make your outing stress-free and hands-free. Keep your little one close with our versatile baby Carriers. Dreambaby® offers two options, Manhattan Carrier or Oxford Carrier, which are ergonomically designed to provide support for both you and your baby.

●      Is the little one getting fussy? Our Pouch Pal® is the perfect item to bring for a mess-free snack time to hold them over before you head back home.

●      Remember, when moving from indoors to outside, your baby’s temperature begins to change. We always recommend packing a Clip-On Fan to help keep your child cooler while out and about in the stroller.


Take Outings in Baby Steps. Then when you are ready, plan an outing for when you will have plenty of time to prep. This will help you avoid one of the most significant contributors to being overwhelmed -  feeling rushed.


Prepare to leave

●      Head out early to avoid the crowds

●      Feed your baby beforehand to simplify your trip

●      Run errands during nap time, so your infant will sleep through most of it

●      Head for the shopping centers on a weekday to avoid the weekend rush

●      Choose baby-friendly venues where you know your baby is welcome, and amenities favour parents with infants.


The Car Essentials

Before you load up the car and head out, we recommend installing a few items:

●      Install and adjust your baby safe car seat

●      Attach Adjustable Car Window Shades to help protect your baby from the sun’s rays

●      Place an Adjustable Backseat Mirror on the back seat of your headrest to see your little smile.


Don’t forget to celebrate the small wins. If it doesn't go perfectly or if you end up heading home earlier than you anticipated, remember this is a big step! You'll get there eventually. To help with your next outing, shop all Dreambaby® safety products, visit