Strollerbuddy® StrollAway® Over the Door Stroller Hanger

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The Dreambaby® StrollAway® is a over the door stroller storage hanger, perfect to fit any space.

Strollers are a parent’s best friend, until you get back to the house. Then there is always the question of where to store it so it’s out of the way and not taking up room in your home or garage. That’s why Dreambaby® is offering the Patented Strollerbuddy® StrollAway® Over the Door Stroller Hanger. It’s the perfect solution to stroller storage. It takes unused space on the back of your door and turns it into a hanging spot for your stroller, allowing you to fold it up and keep it out of the way. Your home stays neat and tidy and safer with your stroller out of reach from your toddler. It’s always right there waiting for your next outing. Mounting the StrollAway® is effortless and requires no tools. Simply fit it over the top of the door and it will sit securely. You can adjust the arms to suit your stroller. The StrollAway® features defensive cushions to help keep it from rubbing or scratching the door. With no hardware, it’s a breeze to relocate which is great if you’re going on vacation or spending the weekend at grandma’s and want to store your stroller while you’re there. When the StrollAway® isn’t in use the arms rotate flat to stay almost flush with the door to prevent it from getting caught or hitting into other things. It’s perfect for every family with a stroller. Holding up to 50 pounds and with adjustable, long arms, it’s designed to hold virtually any stroller or pram. It’s universal sizing makes it an instant his as a baby shower present or gift to any new or expecting mother. Produced with high quality materials, Dreambaby®’s Strollerbuddy® StrollAway® Over the Door Stroller Hanger to make yours and your child’s life easier and simpler every day.

  • CLEVER STORAGE SOLUTION: Part of our renowned Dreambaby® StrollerBuddy® line of products, the Patented StrollAway® is an ingenious device for storing prams and strollers. It allows you to fold up your stroller and keep it out of reach
  • NO MESS MOUNTING: The Dreambaby® StrollAway® requires no installation. It simply slips onto the door. Then you position the arms into place where you want them. No drilling or screwing and it’s easy to relocate 
  • KEEPING YOUR HOME SAFER: Strollers can be a household hazard when not securely stored. Use the StrollAway® for extra safety so that no child can trip, fall, or climb on the stroller
  • ACCOMMODATES MOST STROLLERS: The Dreambaby® StrollAway® fits most strollers and the 50lb capacity allows it to hold even heavy strollers and the long, adjustable arms fit the majority of stroller handles making it perfect for all kinds of families
  • HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: Made of strong metal and reinforced parts, you can feel secure in knowing the StrollAway® will last for years to come. Long after your stroller days are over, continue using it for backpacks, bags, coats, and more!

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