Dual Fit Plug & Electrical Outlet Covers - 2 Pack

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ELECTRICAL OUTLET COVERS - DELUXE USA 110V - 2 PACK Use these covers to help keep appliance cords from being pulled out. Works with decor and regular outlets.
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Outlets are one of the homes biggest hazards to small children. They’re positioned just within reach for small hands and are a great source of curiosity. That’s why it’s so important to adequately cover the unused outlets in your home and secure the outlets that are occupied. The Dreambaby® Dual Fit Plug & Electrical Outlet Covers are the ultimate solution to outlet safety in your home. They go beyond traditional outlet safety products and provide coverage over the entire outlet and inserted plugs. The Dreambaby® Dual Fit Plug & Electrical Outlet Covers feature a special design that allows you to cover an outlet even if it’s in use. That way you can keep all your TV, refrigerator, lights and electronics in use while creating a feeling of safety in your home as they help prevent children from pulling plugs out of the wall. They’re super simple to install and can be used on all type of outlets. Install the base onto the cover plate of your outlet. Plug in any desired appliance or electronic, feed the cords out of the bottom of the outlet, and snap the cover in place. If you need to unplug or plug anything in, the top cover is simple for adult hands to remove. You squeeze the sides and slide off the top, giving you full access to your outlet, but limiting the hazard it may pose to children. Each set of Dreambaby® Dual Fit Plug & Electrical Outlet Covers includes two covers because we know you’ll want to get them for the whole house.

  • HAZARD FREE HOME: You want to make sure your space is as safe as possible for your children. One of the most important things is to make electrical outlets inaccessible to little fingers or inserted objects. The Dreambaby® Dual Fit Plug & Electrical Outlet Covers are perfect for covering up these home dangers
  • KEEP USING YOUR ELECTRICITY: Don’t go around unplugging everything to cover outlets. Now you can help keep your appliances in use while maintaining a safer home with the Dreambaby® Dual Fit Plug & Electrical Outlet Covers. They cover both unused and used outlets
  • NO MORE INTERRUPTIONS: With the Dreambaby® Dual Fit Plug & Electrical Outlet Covers your child can’t unplug cords. This is a great solution for anyone who has had their little one unplug the TV during their favorite show or their computer during work
  • MAINTAIN FULL ACCESSIBILITY: While these covers may help prevent children from unplugging appliances or inserting objects into outlets, they still allow parents to easily access their outlets whenever they want. Remove the top cover to plug or unplug something, and then fit it back over when you’re done
  • PRODUCT DETAILS: Each Dreambaby® Dual Fit Plug & Electrical Outlet Cover package comes with 2 dual fit plug and electrical outlet covers. They’re suitable for all types of outlets, both standard and decora

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