Holiday Safety Tips


With holiday excitement in the air, safety proofing might not be top of mind when beginning to decorate your home.

Here are 5 easy ways you can make help make your home safer for children amidst the holidays!

  • Work with the existing baby proofing you have already installed in your home during the holidays. Consider installing your safety gate, such as the Mayfair Converta® 3 in 1 Play-Pen Gate, around your Christmas tree to help prevent tip overs. And remember never place a Christmas tree around, or near to a heat source.

  • While decorating, avoid hanging small, breakable ornaments or lights on the lower, accessible area of the tree. Instead, consider using paper or lightweight items and place your more precious items up high.

  • Less is more with décor. Candles create a sense of warmth and set the mood for the season, although they can cause potential risks to your family. Keeping candles out of reach of children and placing them in a secure place will decrease the risk of injury.

  • Good food and company are crucial to the holidays, but the kitchen can often become a busy space where potential hazards go unnoticed. For the curious toddler who likes to play with knobs or handles on hot appliances, secure any exposed knobs with Dreambaby® Stove and Oven Covers, and be sure to point pot and pan handles away from the edge of the stove!

  • As you begin to gather around the table for dinner remember to bring our Grab N Go booster seat so your toddler feels a part of the group but safely secured in their chair. Remember if your child is sitting at the adult table be sure to monitor their behaviour as they may pull at the table cloth or grab a sharp object.



Child proofing your home will give you peace of mind throughout the holiday season and year-round. When family or friends come over, you will feel more confident, as will your guests, making relaxing so much easier. Always remember that nothing replaces proper adult supervision. To learn more about Dreambaby® products, visit