Paintable CoverPlug® 2 Pack

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Dreambaby ® Coverplug help prevent children from inserting objects into electrical outlets.

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Outlets are one of the homes biggest hazards to small children. They’re often positioned within reach for small hands and are a great source of curiosity. That’s why it’s so important to adequately cover the unused outlets in your home, preventing anyone from touching or inserting objects into them. The patented Dreambaby® CoverPlug® is the ultimate solution to outlet safety in your home. It goes beyond traditional outlet safety products and provides coverage over the entire outlet. The Dreambaby® CoverPlug® allows you to hide the entire outlet so it’s completely out of sight and out of mind. The Dreambaby® CoverPlug® is also constructed out of paintable material that really allows it to stay hidden in your home. Even if you don’t have little ones, these covers are a great way to make any unused electrical outlets disappear completely for a cohesive home aesthetic. They also super simple to install, just insert them into the outlet and it’s hidden. They have a universal design that makes them convenient for any home or any family. The Dreambaby® CoverPlug® comes with two outlet covers, but you won’t want to stop there. They’re great for covering electrical outlets throughout your whole house!

  • HAZARD FREE HOME: You want to make your space as safe as possible for your little children. One of the most important things is to make electrical outlets inaccessible to little fingers or inserted objects. The Dreambaby® CoverPlug® are perfect for covering up these home dangers
  • LIKE THERE’S NOTHING THERE: Dreambaby® crafted an outlet cover that hides the whole electrical outlet away. Children won’t even know there is danger lurking on the other side of the CoverPlug®.
  • SAFETY IN NO TIME: The Dreambaby® CoverPlug® provides a simple solution to a big problem. They’re easy to install and fit in any 3-prong outlet in your home. Just fit it in place and create a safer environment for your child. You’ll have all the outlets in your home covered up in no time
  • PAINTABLE DESIGN: Crafted to be entirely out of sight and out of mind, the Dreambaby® CoverPlug® features a paintable face that allows you to make them blend right into the wall. This helps deter any curiosity surrounding outlets
  • PACKAGE SPECIFICATIONS: Each Dreambaby® CoverPlug® package comes with two outlet covers. They feature a patented universal design that allows them to fit in 3-prong outlets in any home, and they cover the entire outlet to keep it fully hidden

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