Motion Sensor LED Night Light

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Dreambaby® Movement Sensor Night Lights automatically turn on in the dark when movement is detected, casting a soft glow when you need it most.

Safe, energy-efficient and highly convenient for the whole family, it is ideal for the nursery, bedroom, kitchen or stairways.

Night Lights are a fantastic way to prevent injuries caused by darkness - it is so easy to knock things over, walk into furniture or walls and trip over in the dark. Night lights are ideal not only for children but for older people, and are highly useful in general, acting as a guide during those late night feeds, trips to the bathroom and more. Dreambaby® Movement Sensor Night Lights are ideal not only for night time feeds but are also energy efficient and will last a long time. Also perfect to use in the bedroom, as many children prefer to have a small amount of light as they sleep!

  • Automatically turns on when movement is detected, even in the dark 
  • No fumbling in the dark for light switches
  • Prevents trips and tumbles in the dark 
  • Less likely to disturb sleeping children 
  • Can be wall mounted or stand upright
  • Long life LED bulb
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