Breezz-Latch® Fold-Down Sliding Door & Window Locks

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Dreambaby® Sliding Door & Window Locks (2 pack ) help you keep curious children safer around glass sliding doors and windows whether your little one is a climber, a crawler, an acrobat or a jumper.
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When your child begins to openly explore your home it’s time to take extra precautions with interior and exterior doors and windows. Dreambaby® Breezz-Latch® Fold-Down Sliding Door & Window Locks are designed to provide peace of mind to parents during their child’s explorative stage. These latches secure onto most sliding door and window surfaces using strong adhesive. Using the  Breezz-Latch®  you will be able to limit your window or door opening to a safe distance, so you can continue to get the outside breeze and fresh air, while helping keep your child safer. To engage the lock, just raise the lower section until it locks in place. In this position it blocks the window or door from being pushed any further. When you want to disengage the lock, you gently pull the post and lower the section. In the unlocked position, the Breezz-Latch® lies flat against the window so you can slide it completely open. Simple to use and simple to install the Breezz-Latch® requires no tools. You just pick the best location for the lock out of reach of children. Carefully measure the distance that will limit the door or window opening to 4 inches (10cm). Clean and dry the surface of the door or window, peel backing off the lock, and press it firmly into place. Leave the lock in the open position for 48 hours so that the adhesive can set properly. For additional security, you can use a second lock at least 4 inches (10cm) above the original. The Dreambaby® Breezz-Latch® Fold-Down Sliding Door & Window Locks includes two locks made from transparent and durable material. It features strong 3M adhesive tape.  Suitable for use with horizontal or vertical sliding doors and windows.

  • SAFETY ABOVE ALL ELSE: As children grow they become more curious, opening anything they can get their hands on, which is why Dreambaby® created the Breezz-Latch®. It helps prevent children from opening doors and windows beyond a safe distance.
  • EASY TO USE: To engage the lock simply raise the lower section until you hear it click into place. To disengage gently pull the post and lower the bottom section until it lies flat against the window.
  • FRESH AIR WITHOUT THE RISK: If you love the smell of fresh cut grass or the rain on Spring flowers, you can keep your window open knowing your child is still in a safer place. Keep your windows and doors cracked on the next nice day without the worry.
  • SUITABLE ON MANY SURFACES: Designed to accommodate the average home and family, the Breezz-Latch® is not only perfect for sliding doors and windows it will also work on most sliding wardrobe doors.
  • Breezz-Latch® DETAILS: The Dreambaby® Breezz-Latch® Fold-Down Sliding Door & Window Locks comes with 2 locks backed with 3M brand adhesive. They’re designed to safely limit sliding door and window openings to 4 inches (10 cm).

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