It’s Potty Time! Tips for Toilet Training Your Toddler

Is it time to ditch the diapers? Making the transition from diapers to using the toilet is a major milestone for little ones when it comes to asserting their independence. 

This month we’re sharing some tips and products to help make potty training more manageable (and fun) for all involved!

Many children display signs of being ready for potty training between ages 18 and 24 months, but others may show no interest until they hit the 3-year mark and that’s ok too! All children develop at different rates, and no two kids are quite the same, so it’s important to make sure that your child is ready for the toilet.


Good indicators that your little one is ready for the loo include hiding to answer nature’s call, squirming, squatting, announcing that they are about to go or have just dirtied a diaper. These helpful signs communicate that the child can interpret the body’s bathroom signals and may be ready for toilet training. 


Having the proper equipment on hand will make the training journey much smoother. Let’s face it, adult-size toilets can seem tall, cold, and intimidating to little kids. Child-size potties are shorter, smaller, quieter, and proportionate to their intended users. Our EZY- Potty with its ergonomic and comfortable design is perfect for potty time. It features a removable bowl to take the stress and mess out of the rewarding yet challenging stage of potty-training little ones. The seat also has a contoured backrest for added comfort and support.


Comfort is key to toilet training and one way to make the adult toilet feel more kid-friendly is to make the toilet seat smaller. Our Soft Touch Potty Seat is a soft cushioned seat featuring a contoured shape with a high molded back and sides to help children feel more secure on the big potty. Our Easy Clean Potty Seat is soft and padded for extra comfort with easy-grip handles to make your child feel more in control.  A removable cushion and splash guard make it easy to clean up any splashes or accidents that may happen.


Dangling feet can feel far from the floor for little ones while perched atop an adult-size toilet. Our Step-Up Toilet Topper bridges the gap between floor-based potties and adult toilets, giving children the independence to get onto the toilet by themselves while also providing the added security of a place to rest their feet. 


So, whether your toddler is showing physical signs of potty-training readiness or is simply excited to show off some big kid undies featuring their favorite character, having patience and the right tools in place can support them as they work towards this important milestone.  


Image Credit: lifebylucaphotography