Focus On Feeding

With the holidays now behind us, the new year is a wonderful time to focus on healthy eating habits for the whole family.


Building a strong foundation of health for your child starts by teaching them great habits, handwashing and brushing their teeth, to eating well and beyond. You can help them learn about making great eating choices by providing a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains and healthy proteins. 


Toddlers do best when they are able to graze to maintain energy, so it is important to have healthy snacks on hand when you’re out and about. Get all the nutrients of a home cooked meal while away from home with a homemade veggie blend or fruity squeezable pouch. Today, there are even some incredible ready-made options that include proteins and grains. Consider those with a lower sugar content to help your little one have a great day. Our Pouch Pal is a helpful accessory to keep the mess to a minimum when you are on the go.


Sitting at the table with others around them helps children to feel more engaged with their meals and surroundings. Our Grab N’ Go Booster Seat is a good choice for home and beyond, as it is easy to transport when visiting friends and family or dining out at a restaurant. 


As we all know, children do love to play with their food sometimes! Make meal time clean up a cinch with bibs that feature full length sleeves like our Food Fun Character Bibs.


With a little bit of prep work and the right provisions you can set your family up for successful, enjoyable meal routines this year.


Photo credit: karolina.choudhari