Bedroom Safety: Bed Rails

Whether your child moves around in their sleep or stays in one position all night, bed rails are important for added bedroom and sleep safety. Installing bed rails on your little one's bed will provide an extra safety barrier that will help both you and your child sleep peacefully at night.


Here are a few benefits of bed rails that will help you and your toddler have a good night's sleep: 


Fall prevention: While children are transitioning into different bed types, bed rails provide a safety barrier to help avoid potentially dangerous falls while sleeping as they get used to their new sleeping environment.


Security & Comfort: A large benefit of bed rails is the feeling of safety and comfort. They offer reliability by acting as a wall, similar to your little one's experience sleeping in a crib. This can be important for children and their families, as they can sleep better at night knowing that their loved ones are safer and more comfortable in their new bed.


Wondering which Dreambaby® bed rail is best for your home? 

Explore our bed rail options below, the ideal bed rail will depend on your bed and preferences!

Dallas Bed Rail

●      Make the “big kid” transition from cot-to-bed in no time at all

●      Easy to assemble and features a machine washable cover with a breathable mesh side

●      Fits up to a queen-size mattress and can be used on either slat, recessed, or flat beds

●      The fold-down feature makes it easier to make the bed or read with your child before bedtime

●      Great for vacations and travel. If you're traveling with your toddler or they're staying the night at grandma's, you can easily disassemble and pack the bed rail for any sleepover


Savoy Bed Rail

●      Help transition from a crib to a bed with extra-wide (43-inch width) and extra tall (18-inch height) to provide additional peace of mind

●      Suitable for flat and slat beds and fits up to queen-size mattresses

●      The convenient fold-down feature means that the bed rail folds down to make it easier to make the bed or read with your child before bedtime

●      Easily disassembles and simple to put together, making it great for use at home and away



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